Abstract: Autobiography or confessional? The title is not plagiarised from the literary offering by a certain Mr. Tim Griggs, but that of a short story that has been languishing in my archives for over ten years, an ironic comment on the requirement in modern Western society for a female to be attached and the difficulties in attaining this state of “bliss”.

Sunday, 19 August 2007


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[From my Grandfather's Notebook]


Ye ane-time faithfu’, lovin’ baist.

In ma opinion ye’re disgraced

Sin’ ye hae yer affections placed

Wi’ Dame Buchanan.

Yer new-developed kin’ o’ taste

Taks understan’in.

Och, dug, wad ye no’ sooner hae

The kin’ o’ sport we used tae play,

Tae poach a’ nicht an’ sleep a’ day,

Content wi’ me,

Than bein’ a pet companion tae

A very ‘She’?

Ah’ve seen the day ye’d tak yer dose

O’ kail an’ tatties, aye, an’ brose –

Bit noo ye winna pit yer nose

Tae sic guid feedin’.

Thae trashy sweetstuffs, Ah suppose,

Hae sp’ilt yer breedin’.

Bit still, Ah’m telt that Mrs. B.

Is guid o’ he’rt an’ fond o’ ye.

An’ that ye baith gey weel agree

Wi’ ane anither;

Sae, gin ye like her mair nor me,

Bide ye thegither.

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